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Back to Basics

In this three-part course we explore the basics of the Christian faith, how to grow in our faith and how to share the Good News of Jesus with others. It is all about church membership, ministry and mission.

Part 1 Church Membership: the basics of Christian faith. In this segment we look at the following topics:

Week 1: “The Two Biggest Questions: Is there a God and Why Suffering?”

Week 2: “God to the Rescue – The Power of the Cross”

Week 3: “Crossing the Line of Faith – Living in a New Direction”

Week 4: “Why Church? Being a part of Gods Big Family”

Part 2, Church Ministry: Growing in Spiritual Maturity. We explore topics such as:

Week 1: “How do I Worship?”

Week 2: “Becoming the Version of Myself – Growing in Christ-likeness.”

Week 3: “Living Beyond Myself – Cheerful Giving”

Week 4: “Getting Involved - Discovering My SHAPE for Ministry”

Part 3 – Church Mission: Evangelism 101 – Gossiping the Good News of Jesus.

A big part of following Jesus is talking about Him with others as opportunities arise. We are, as Christian pastor/writer Michael Green once said, ‘One beggar telling another beggar where to find food.” Back to Basics Part 3 is about helping us to do that – to share out faith in Jesus in a way that is appropriate to our personality type. We look at topics such as:

Week 1: “Why bother with Evangelism?”

Week 2: “Knowing Yourself and Your Limitations.”

Week 3: “Starting Spiritual Conversations - Your Story & His Story”

Week 4: “Dealing with Objections – Leading with Love”

Bible Classes:
Come and join Rev Greg on Tuesdays from 12 noon – 1 pm as he takes us through one of the books of the Bible showing how relevant God’s Word is to our present day living.

Special Courses:
The Parenting Course