We are a reaching-out church. Telling the Good News of Jesus.


Alpha is about exploring the big questions of life.

Our Invitation Dinner will be held on Thursday, September 20 at 6:30 pm at the 3 Mile Steakhouse.

The first talk: "Is There More to Life Than This?"

Come & see what Alpha is all about! Join us for a casual night out.
Free supper. Bring a friend.


The Alpha Course

Over 11 million people from around the world, from every kind of background have been blessed by taking the Alpha course.

Offered in the context of a delicious dinner, many friendships are formed over 8-10 weeks where, after dinner, a series of 15 talks are given, each talk looking at a different aspect of the Christian faith. The talks include topics like, “Who is Jesus?”, “Why did He die?”, “How Can I have Faith?”, “Why and How Do I Pray?” , “Why and How Should I Read the Bible?”, etc.

After each talk, there is a time for discussion in small groups – a place where you can ask questions, find out what others think and perhaps make some new friends along the way!