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The 10 lepers

When we read or hear a familiar part of the Bible we often do not give it prayerful consideration and miss much of the lesson. Please read Luke 17: 11-19 slowly and thoughtfully. There are at least four surprises.

1. Great faith – 10 lepers cried out to Jesus, “Have mercy on us.” They didn’t ask for money but for mercy. In their great need as lepers this meant they wanted to be healed. Their faith is more surprising as we see at the end of the story something of their disappointing character (with one exception).

2. Strange orders – “Go show yourselves to the priests.” Jesus made this request because in those times the Old Testament priests had the authority to pronounce lepers cleansed (like a health officers) – but they still had leprosy. To go to the priest was an act of faith – “As they went they were healed.”

3. Ingratitude – Only one returned to give thanks to Jesus. So many people call to God for help and then fail to be thankful. It seems so sad when Jesus asks “Where are the nine?” They had all received a miraculous healings. To b ungrateful is all too common.

4. Unexpected thanks – The one of the ten who did turn back and thank Jesus was a Samaritan. He was from a group of people that were considered outcasts. Jesus welcomes all who turn to Him and does not treat anyone as outcasts.

To many people it may be a welcome surprise to know God loves us, accepts us, and wants a personal relationship with us.

Canon Wally Corey

EBlast May 2018

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