Friday, March 1, 2019 - E-BLAST

Canon's Corner

Guarding the Inner Person

What an awesome pursuit is life! One would think that none but the most prepared and fortified should ever embark upon the business of handling life and the struggle of living. Which one of us is qualified to see that their God-given attributes are developed and kept pure?

Who can truly guard their soul, keep their heart clean or inform the
mind according to truth? Who is capable of preserving these sacred treasures wholly to the service of their Creator? Which one of us can enter the arena of life and remain unscathed from the ravages of guilt or the myriad insecurities and pride which are embedded within the human soul?

Yet for all of this, how many with deliberate intent enter the arena
of life? How many of us truly ponder the effort required to make a good account of ourselves? How many are humbled by the awesome
challenge and thereby turn to God for help? No, on the contrary, we often rush into the fray with a flurry of plans and activity, hoping that all of our ambitions and dreams will be realized. We are like an army which rushes into battle with no strategy and no means of defense.

An irony lies in the fact that the Source of the goodness and the knowledge that we need is that which we reject as being irrelevant or unnecessary. Our God watches with the pain of seeing His children make idols of their own resources.

Herein lies the essence of glorious opportunity. To ponder our wounds and faults and to ponder their effects on our person can be of great benefit. When this self-analysis leads to the right conclusions and draws us to penitence and repentance then Christ can be embraced. Blessed are those who no longer possess the delusion that their failure is of little consequence. Blessed are those who have chosen to rise above the "lowest common denominator" for humanity and become something different. May we truly know ourselves and lay hold of He who is the Source who will fulfill the inner person.


Archdeacon Keith +

Weekly EBlast March 1 2019